Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions represent an agreement between you and our company, for access to our website and use of our services. If you are a customer to our platform, please read through the customer Terms and Conditions carefully. For users, you are provided with the user Terms and Conditions to govern you when accessing our services through our customer user accounts.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions at Authority Website, you agree to work under the regulations set by our company without any modifications at your level. If you disagree, you may not be able to access any of our services.

If you are creating a customer or user account with our online platform, please read through the respective Terms and Conditions, and by accepting the terms, represent that you have met the minimum requirements for using this service. These Terms and Conditions safeguard the company from liability, it contains our set of regulations that provide no warranty to non-stated use of our website or products.

Customer and User Instructions

Our customer those who agreed to our customer Terms and Conditions and created a workspace for its users by using the personal email address in account creation and invite a couple of friends to work on the new idea. While those who work on an already created workspace as affiliates, we refer them as users.

Customer and Authorized Users

Customers at Authority Website and must comply with the terms of the contract and also ensure that their users are also compliant to the users’ Terms and Conditions and comply with the terms of the contract provided in the customers’ platform.

We will not be held responsible for the mishandling of the user or the customers’ data if they act contrary to the Terms and Conditions or the way the authorized customer or user, use our service to process or store their data.

Our services at Authority Website are not intended to be used by people below the age of 18 years. The user is held responsible for any use of the services contrary to the agreed Terms and Conditions.

Removal Rights

In case of violation of any terms of contract by the either party, and the cause of damage can be remedied by getting rid of a certain customer or user data, we will inform the customer or user to take any appropriate measure to get rid of the data, and if not we may step in and take any appropriate action, permanently disable or suspend the user/customer service accounts, if we believe it may cause harm to other user, customers or third parties.

Our Responsibilities

As a company, we are here for our customers, users, and the third party in general. We are responsible to ensure that they are satisfied and comfortable when working with us, By:

Providing them with the services described in our contract forms.
Keeping the service available all the time.
Protect the user and customer data.

Term of contract and termination.

-contract term

The contract will be terminated upon the end of the agreed period, or in case of any withdrawal. The user or customer account exits as free or paid under subscriptions. According to the subscription terms, the contract will be terminated upon the expiry of the subscribed period. While free subscription accounts will remain until it is terminated by the customer, user or authority.


All subscriptions are set to auto-renew after the expiry period unless the order forms, states otherwise.

Termination for Cause

The contract may be terminated upon the breach by the user or the customer. We do so after finding out that the customer or the user has violated the law or has acted contrary to the set of terms. Before we terminate, we ensure that we refund all the prepaid fees covering the remaining days, from the effective day of termination.