Singapore Mountaineering Federation | Course Syllabus
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Course Syllabus

Age of Participant

Participant must be at 21 yrs old at the time of assessment.



Participant for the TMLP should:

  • Be an active mountain walker;
  • Have basic knowledge in navigation, camp craft and basic first aid skills; and
  • Have some experience in leading groups on a mountain walking expeditions (at least 4 different mountain areas).


Course Syllabus

At the end of the training phase, participants must be able to demonstrate effective personal techniques and leadership ability in the following skills:

  • Expedition Planning;
  • Expedition Equipment;
  • Camp craft –┬áMenu Planning, Shelters, Hygiene Management, etc
  • Navigation / Map Reading;
  • Safety, Risk and Crisis Management;
  • Wilderness First Aid;
  • Ascending and descending steep grounds; and
  • Traversing (river crossing)

The entire course is divided into 2 phases ie the Training and Assessment Phase. The training phase is a 6 days residential programme divided into 2 weekends. This will include an assessment on Wilderness First Aid proficiency. The training phase is designed to ensure that participants meet all the above requirements by the time of assessment.

Upon completion of the training phase (100% attendance), participants will then be eligible to attend the 3 days assessment skills, a field expedition in a tropical mountain terrain.


Assessment Procedures

The course assessment, in which candidates will have to prove that they have mastered correctly all areas of the training, will take place during the final session. These assessments will be based on both theoretical and practical assessment.



Once the examinations have been successfully passed, the participant will be entitled to the award of the TMLP. The proficiency is no longer valid, without a valid / current Wilderness First Aid skills and CPR.


Course Fee (Training Phrase)

$960 (inclusive GST)

Course fee includes:

  • Ferry transfers;
  • Meals and Accommodation;
  • Training facilities and equipment;
  • Instructions and Course textbooks;
  • Insurance and 24hrs Medical support system; and
  • Wilderness Medical First Responder Proficiency (Level 2) – WMFR

Upon successful completion of the training phase, participants will be issued with the following:

  • Certificate of Completion for TMLP Training; and
  • Certificate of Proficiency for WMFR (Level 2).


Venue (Training Phase)

The whole programme will be conducted at OBS, Pulau Ubin.