Singapore Mountaineering Federation | Revised Syllabus for SNCS & SNAS
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Revised Syllabus for SNCS & SNAS

Revised Syllabus for SNCS & SNAS

Dear Climbing & Abseiling Instructors

We are pleased to inform that the new climbing and abseiling course syllabus have been approved and finalized. The following course syllabus will take immediate effect. As of 1 March 2010, please conduct the following courses based on the attached adjusted syllabus:

  1. Sport Climbing Course Level One (SCCL1)
  2. Sport Climbing Course Level Two (SCCL2)
  3. Activity Supervisor Course (ASC)
  4. Abseiling Proficiency Course Level One (APCL1)
  5. Abseiling Proficiency Course Level Two (APCL2)

Outstanding syllabus

Sport Climbing Course Level 3 – Please do not conduct any Sport Climbing Level 3 course as they have not been finalized.

ITC [Cat 2] – Instructors may continue with the currently syllabus till new updates can be finalised.

APC3 – Continued to be conducted at OBS, we will update the syllabus into the SNAS syllabus.

Please provide feedback to if you encounter any issues with the new syllabus (esp for SCCL2). It is only with your valuable feedback that we are able to maintain a good teaching system.